28 December 2008


Today was "pinkalicious" day in our house.  To celebrate, Caroline and Nan made pink cupcakes with pink icing.  As you can see from the first picture, Caroline decorated the cupcakes all by herself! Paige gave Caroline the book "Pinkalicious" for her birthday and she has read it many, many times.  Tucker was napping while Caroline was cooking, but woke up just in time to sample a pink cupcake...he loved it!  After the cupcakes were made and sampled, Caroline thought it would be a good idea to swiffer the floor.  Of course she could only do this from her new stool.

You might be wondering exactly what Caroline has on.  She started off wearing the fleece top with pink pants.  She looked really cute.  Then we went to Wal-Mart and an explosion occurred (if you know what I mean) and these were the spare pants we had in the car.  Not long after we were home she decided to wear her beach hat.  I can't explain it!


Anonymous said...

cutest pink girl ever!!!! how fun with nan!!!! wish we were there-- paige

Jenny said...

Pinkalicious Day- I love it!!! I on the other hand will not be having such a day anytime soon. Glad you all had such a good Christmas- Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

i like the girl's style... let her express it! looks like Tucker doesn't like the hat as much as Caroline, keep having fun! hope to see yall soon
love leah