21 November 2008

Real Food for Tuck!

Tucker is eating "real" food now! He has decided to go on strike against baby food. Here he is trying to get the very last bit of cheese left on his tray.

Tucker is so excited that he is no longer dependent on baby food! This is a good picture of his top teeth, too!

I think he had a cracker in each hand at this point. Today he had cheese, crackers and oranges for lunch ... yummy!

He is so proud! Too bad Caroline was taking a nap during this photo shoot and did not get to witness this momentous occasion.

Yes, Tucker has a partial black eye. He bumped his eye on a corner Wed morning. He cried for a moment and then went on with his morning routine.

Cheese and crackers, Tuck!!

1 comment:

Brad and Elizabeth said...

i guess send your baby food Noah's way...he still loves the stuff