02 September 2008


Today was Caroline and Tucker's first day at PMO (Seminary's Parents' Morning Out Program). They both had a great day!  Tucker slept for two hours and I think Caroline followed directions and was a good listener.  I work in the baby room with Tucker and his buddies.  Chad doesn't have classes on Tuesdays so he decided to do some yard work.  Caroline was very excited to help her "Daddies" (there is only one) when she got home.   As you can see, she is holding her "trees" which are actually weeds.  In the second picture I think she is annoyed because I was standing near her and asking her questions.  I completely forgot that she is almost 2 and can take care of herself...what was I thinking?  Fortunately, Tucker doesn't have an opinion yet, so I get to snuggle him and kiss him as much as I want!

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