12 November 2006

One Month and Going Strong...

Caroline is 1 month old!

We went to the doctor on Friday and she said that Caroline looks great! She is now 7 lbs 8 ozs! That means she has gained 1 lb 6 ozs in just two weeks! Caroline loves sitting in her bouncy chair and looking around. When she is awake, she is very alert. She is starting to focus more clearly and she will follow your hand with her eyes when you move it in front of her. She enjoys riding in her stroller. Fortunately, we have had a few nice days so I was able to take her out for a stroll. Last Sunday she went to church for the first time. She was very well behaved...thank goodness! Below are some more pictures of Caroline. (This is my first time to update the blog... I am learning!)


Anonymous said...

Dear Caroline,
You are soooo precious! We so enjoyed our visit with you and your parents...Patton too! Keep on eating and growing, but not too fast!
Love ya much,
Nena and Poppy
Pappaw too!

Anonymous said...

love the glasses\! She is moviestar material