23 October 2006

New Born in the House

Baby Caroline in Action!

Just doing a little talking....

Wondering when the paparazzi will leave...

It's soooo cold!!

Telling mom what she thinks about the diaper change...


Anonymous said...

Dear Caroline Paige-
You are a muffin!
I can't wait to see you in person.
Hope you eye feels better soon.
Love, Bigger Paige

Anonymous said...

Caroline, You are one precious little girl! I hope your eye is healing and you are able to sleep. I am looking forward to seeing you and holding you soon.
LOVE, Grandaddy

Anonymous said...

Dear Caroline,
Happy two week birthday! It has been an eventful time for you and your parents. Grandaddy and I are looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving.
Love, Grandmama